Members Information

Musical Director:Nicholas Butters

Singing Teacher in Residence : James Morgan

Rehearsal Details

Day: Monday

Time: 7.30-9.30pm

Place: St Johns Church, Kingston Park Avenue Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2HB

When: Throughout the school terms commencing in September, taking breaks for Christmas and Easter with a summer break in July and August



For 2021/22 the annual subscription is unchanged at £150 payable at the start of the new season in September. We are willing to accept them in three termly payments of £50 or by negotiation with the Treasurer if the level of fees presents difficulties.   New members joining later in the year pay pro-rata.

Further information

Regular attendance at rehearsals is essential to maintain and build on the high standards the choir demands. If you miss more than three rehearsals in any one term you may not be allowed to sing in the concert. Exceptional circumstances will be sympathetically considered, but you will appreciate that to miss too many rehearsals devalues the work put in by all the other members.

It is required that all members singing in a concert attend the final chorus rehearsal and the dress rehearsal. Again, exceptional circumstances will be sympathetically considered.

Please give the Musical Director your full attention during rehearsals, as chatter is distracting and a waste of valuable rehearsal time.

The Musical Director has his own website which he uses to keep the choir up to date, for example to advise on the focus of the next rehearsal – click here: Mark’s website

Please bring a pencil to every rehearsal.

The choir is responsible for leaving the rehearsal room as we would wish to find it and members are required to assist in putting out and tidying away chairs, conductor‘s rostrum, piano etc.


We generally perform three of our own concerts every year:

  • a concert which includes Christmas music in early December
  • a spring concert in March/April
  • a summer concert in June/July

We are often asked to sing for other organisations or at charitable events and these are fitted in wherever possible. In some cases, additional or extended rehearsals may be required to prepare for such concerts.

We expect that members will take part in all our own concerts. However, we understand that direct clashes may occur with pre-booked engagements. If you are unable to participate in a concert, please ensure you inform the Choir Secretary at the earliest opportunity to ensure we can plan accordingly.

You may find some of the music undertaken quite challenging. If you are having difficulties or queries, please don’t hesitate to speak to the musical director who will be happy to offer assistance and advice. To assist with learning  at home, you can purchase rehearsal CDs for the individual lines from Music Dynamics and benefit from a 10%

Membership is subject to an audition as noted in the About Us section

Concert Dress

Diamond Jubilee

Some of our ladies during the Diamond Jubilee Concert at Sage Gateshead

It is important that the choir presents itself well at concerts, so the following formal uniform is required:


  • Black Dinner jacket, black trousers and black shoes
  • For more informal occasions, black long sleeved shirts worn with a tie in a single muted shade, no jacket, black trousers.
  • Choir will be advised which uniform applies.


  • Full length black skirt is preferred, long sleeved black top, plain black shoes. Formal dress trousers in black is an option.
  • Pink rose or red poppy (supplied by the choir) to be worn on left side
  • Jewellery and handbags should be discreet.

Folders: A black folder is used for uniformity. A small charge is made to cover the cost.

Taking water onto the stage does not look professional and is discouraged. If absolutely necessary, it must be done discreetly.


Scores are often hired though many members prefer to buy their own. This can cost around £20 per year depending on the works to be performed.

Covenant Scheme

The choir benefits from the covenanting of subscriptions, which is organised by Derek Saunders (Bass section). There is no work or extra cost for members just a simple form to sign on joining which enables us to recoup a substantial amount from the taxman.


The Choir has a formal constitution and is run by a voluntary committee elected at the AGM, which is usually held in September. The committee consists of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 elected members drawn from the choir. The committee meets regularly to discuss arrangements for concerts, financial matters, future planning, social activities and other pertinent issues.

Section Leaders are appointed to act as a link between choir members and the committee. You are always welcome to discuss any concerns you may have with any committee member.

Newcastle Choral Society (NCS) Safeguarding Policy can be viewed here NCS Safeguarding Policy May 2017

This policy applies to members, volunteers and all others invited to perform or work with the Choir.

Social Events

Pre COVID, each year started with a weekend event with our Musical Director. We aim to reintroduce this in Choir year 22/23.

The weekend will cover vocal development, an overview and rehearsal for the forthcoming season, a chance to get to know new members, socialise and have fun.

We also aim to have other social events during the year; quiz and supper nights are popular.  In addition we serve coffee and biscuits in rehearsal break on the first Monday of the month.